24 day 5 watching habits.


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I watched the 2 double bills and missed last weeks episode. My original plan was to watch just the 2 double bills to get my fix and then wait for the DVDs in July/August, get the better picture, sound and extras. Now I don't know what to do. I'm getting fed up with the car adverts. The problem would be to try to avoid all following 24 ads until the DVD release. You tell yourself if you see an ad you will forget what you saw, but you know you won't.
What are you guys and gals doing?


A bit on the underhand side, but i just download them (minus adds) every week so im actually about 5 weeks ahead of sky one, which i also have but like you i refuse to watch because ad breaks annoy the hell outa me, and they really destory the 24 viewing experience for me.

If it were to come back to bbc 2 like the first series i'd happily watch it on tv, but lets face it that aint gonna happen.


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am now watching the downloads as and when they complete (am a Freeview person)
- though did eps 1-6 all in one viewing session, have just finished watching episode 9, and 10 is still downloading

Will not buy the DVD straight away as I did with day 4, will wait for it to drop to around the £16 level around Christmas/New Year


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dload,put 4 episodes on dvd,sit back and enjoy.

wait another 4 weeks,repeat and enjoy.

avoid any threads and adverts to do with 24.;)

same applys to lost,earl etc

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