24/96 S/PDIF out for HTPC


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Looking at...

MAUDIO 24/96 card
ECHO Gina 3g
SoundBlaster X-Fi

I have an Echo Layla 3g for my main PC and it's brilliant for multi channel recording, and general use.

I'd love to go for the Gina for my HTPC, as it will output 24/96 from the SPDIF output.

The x-fi seems to have an impressive software set as with any Creative product, the mp3 upsampling looks quite interesting, but does the S/PDIF outout 24/96 PCM? The other software that comes with also looks appealing, such as the ripper etc.

Could I make up a smiliar software set with the Gina using 3rd party apps? ie: Upsampling plug-in/player, a decent/easy high quality ripper.

All for MCE 2005.

Thanks :)
it supports 24/96 via SPDIF for playback and 24/192 via analogue, for more info check the soundblaster site, to connecto the card to your amp you need a 3.5mm to phono cable which you can get from maplins, the 3.5mm goes into the digital audio outputjack on the back of the audigy and the single phono into the coaxial input on your amp...

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you can use foobar2000 (FREE) to upsample playback to 24/96, and use EAC (Exact Audio Copy, also FREE) for ripping.... I'd be very suprised if the creative apps were any better, and EAC will certainly produce more accurate RIPs of Audio CDs. I used an Maudio 2496 for a long time, and was very impressed with both the analog and digital output. I haven't heard either of the others...


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Thanks both,

mean: I couldn't find anything regarding the highest word length/sample rate available on SPDIF on the creative site. Thanks for info.

Dude: I think I'll go for the Gina w/ some 3rd party apps, my Layla is mint and trust the brand.

Ta for the advice!

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