24", 1080p screen with USB 3.0 hub


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Locking for a monitor to go with my 15" laptop. And in a perfect world I would want one with three USB 3.0 ports in. Would be used for gaming and AutoDesk.

The main reason is to clear up cable clutter and get rid of as many cables I have to plug in/out to the laptop when I take it on the go.

The only one I could find with was close to 24", 1080p was the Samsung C23A750X (23"), any one know of any other with similar specs? Thanks!


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a huge colour gamut with 100% sRGB.
That's generally the smallest colour space you'll find on a desktop monitor, only laptop screens don't achieve that. That's not to say sRGB is a bad thing, it's the colour space used by default for windows and much closer to the HDTV colour space (Rec. 709) than the alternatives so it's the best colour space for most people but you can't really call it 'huge'.

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