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2310 Front Height Problems


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Right, I tried elsewhere for an answer, but no luck....am hoping someone can help here as I really don't want to have to take it back to the shop!

I have connected two speakers to the amp assign terminals for front height output. The settings have been set so that the speaker configuration includes these speakers and the amp assign setting are for front height.

Once all connected I tried the test tone and all the speakers output a signal, apart from the Front Height Left. The speaker did output, but much more quietly than the other speakers.

I checked the cable and tested the cable with another speaker that was working and it was fine. I tried a working speaker connected to the FHL terminal and that had the same low volume issue. I also tried the FHL speaker in another terminal and that worked.....so i was starting to think there was a problem with the terminals......tried re-stripping the cable at both ends, but no joy.

Suddenly it did start working and did so over the weekend......but now it is not working again.....and no matter how many times i change the settings and change them back again, it won't come back.

I have reset the amp back to the factory settings and then set it all up manually, but no change - all speakers output the test tone at the same volume, other than the FHL which is much much quieter.

If anyone has any idea if there is a rogue setting that I am not thinking about, please let me know. I suspect there must be a problem with the terminals......which is not the end of the world as it is still in warranty......but the hassle of taking it into the shop is not particularly attractive......please help me! I was having a wonderful relationship with my amp!



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Well, I guess the number of views and no solution mean that it is either something so stupid, people are too scared to embarrass me by replying.....or it really is beggered.......:eek::D

Guess a trip into town is on the cards tomorrow with my warranty.......:(


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I don't have an answer for you, but from all you have done, to me it seems that there is a fault and it needs returning.


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Cheers mate......was hoping you were going to say that as I have just packed it up ready to take it back.....:D

Was taking the lack of responses as confirmation that is wasnt .something obvious :smashin:

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