23" TV's - Any new ones coming out soon?


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I am looking at getting a 23" TV to use as my computer monitor. The idea that i can watch TV without having the PC on, having a decently large screen for movies and playing a console on aswell as having not too high a resolution so i have to spend ££££ on a gfx card upgrade to play the latest PC games with all the detail turned up, is a very good one.
The problem with this is that the current choice of 23" LCD TV's is shocking!!

The only ones i would considder (those that are not totally borked versions of the bigger models) are the Samsung LE23T51B and the new LE23R71...
Although both these TV's have decent spec, i am not really a fan of the T51's speakers stuck on the side or its really plain design (although both would probably grow on me) and the R71 will just stick out against the rest of my setup.

So, are there any other 23" displays i can expect to see in the next few months? I know Panasonic have a 23" listed but this also looks like it wont have the same features as the bigger brothers. Hmph.


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Most of the "high end" televisions are now found 32" in size and up - last year it was 26" but this time around many companies have dropped the 26". (eg Sony don't do a 26" V series LCD anymore)

It's not quite the size you were looking for, but the Sony MFM-HT205 should be a fantastic set. I have th HT75W (17" version) and it's one of the best LCDs I've ever used. (and I've had displays up to £2600 in price) Apparently the HT205 is even better.

You get a "proper" monitor resolution of 1680x1050, and while the deinterlacing isn't the best, it should do a good job with television etc.

The XBlack coating is fantastic, and gives the image a depth I've yet to see on another LCD.


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yeah i had a look at that. I am really not very keen on the looks though and it doesn't look like it would wll mount very easily :p
THe integrated tuner is a nice tough though. If i were to go the monitor route at the moment it would be a toss up between the Samsung 215WT or the NEC WGX201 whatever its called.

Im a little worried about how a monitor would handle the scaling if i got a Nintendo Wii.. thats another of the reasons i am considdering a TV over a monitor.


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yeah i mentioned that in my original post.
It really wont go with my setup in the white. Also the panel is not the same as the 32"... the specs state a viewing angle of 170 deg rather than 178deg so it looks like it will be using a TN film panel rather than the normal S-PVAs that are in other samsung tv's. This i don't really want, S-PVA and S-IPS are much better technologies.

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