23" - 26" LCD for £400. Any Recommendations ?


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Hi all,

Im currently looking at getting myself a second set for my office/spare bedroom which will be used as a TV(SD)/PC Monitor(DVI/VGA) and also have quite heavy use with my 360 (through component). I reckon 26" is the biggest size I can go to for the room as I won't be sat very far away from it(I may get away with 32").

I've been looking at the Samsung LE26R87 but thats right at the top of my price scale(Around £400).

Any suggestions would be very helpful,

Thanks in advance


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I think the decision you've made is the best on available in that price range at that size. :D

I only recommend 2 LCDs, the Sony D3000 (more expensive but worth it) or the Samsung R8 (more budget priced but excellent still).


As blackbolt say I highly recomment the 26R87!!


Sorry to highjack this thread but Im interested in this also but with these conditions:

26-28"(32 at the most but since I'll be sat close it would have to be a native 1080p set),

Must have VGA, will be used for the PC too, so should perform well for this function,

Good contrast ratio,

No banding problems.

There seems to be three different choices to go for:

Samsung R8
Toshiba(not sure of the model)
Sony KDL-26T3000

Price - Performance which is the best deal and what are the differences? (or maybe there are others that compete well)

With so many potential problems I've been disinterested in LCDs so far, for the price you pay(if I pay anywhere over £300 I want to be satisfied with it in every way, not noticing things that my old CRT did better), is it still to soon for me?

Is it better waiting for something just around the corner?

How about the new Samsungs with the LED backlights, when are they out, are they a big improvement, will they be available in 26-32" sizes?

Others that have caught my eye are:

The Toshiba Z series, is 10bit processing not available on the new Sammy's, are these considered better than Sammy sets or worse(some say better others say theres banding issues very hard to tell which is the safest bet)

The last option which im not keen on is to buy a dirt cheap LCD and put up with LCDs current failings and wait for some of the future highend sets/newer technologies that are worth the price tag(SED ect).

Hmmm seems Im rather confused whether I want an LCD at all or not, if you think this post deserved its own thread afterall I have no problems doing that, interested to hear some thoughts from members here though.


Forget about LED in 26",neither 32".Nor SED.So from these 26" you wrote the Sony 26T3000 is the best you can take!!!!

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