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I have a 220EB with multi-region, about 2 months old.
A friend in the US has sent me a DVD with some off air telly recordings.
These play fine in my PC, but the Tosh Player they come up black and white, and in what seems to be a low resolution.
Normal disks play fine.
I have tried swapping to PAL from Auto (it says not a PAL disk), and also the Video/S-Video/RGB switch. S-Video improves the quality a bit, but still its B+W.
Any Ideas Please?

Stuart Brooks

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I notice that Richer Sounds website says the Tosh 220 has NTSC to PAL60 conversion; I previously thought this wasn't the case.

The reason I'm interested is my TV will display NTSC 4.43MHz via SCART, but not 3.58. It'll also show RGB and S-video via SCART.

Would I be able to view an R1 disc in colour? I note that the FAQ referred to above implies you just watch via RGB, is it that simple, and if so, why is so much store given to TVs that can display full 3.58 native NTSC???


Stuart Brooks

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But to eliminate the judder you would still need PAL60 output? This is what I thought the Tosh didn't have until reading the RS website


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The 220 I've just bought only has PAL or AUTO settings in the menu and when set to auto it outputs NTSC when viewing an R1 DVD, I know this because my TV suffers from the dreaded moire patten problem when viewing NTSC. My old player had the option of PAL 60 and when playing R1 DVD's in that mode the moire problems didn't happen. So I have to conclude that the 220 does not have PAL 60 option or if it does there seems no way to select it, if there was I would use it.

My old machine was designed has a multi-region so had this option built in from scratch but the Tosh 220 is buit has an R2 machine only and then companies like RS update the ROM to make it multi-region so why would Tosh bother to make the PAL 60 option available, IMO they wouldn't.

Please someone correct me because this is the Toshiba's only down fall IMO.

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