22" Sharp picture *major disappointment* :-(


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I just got this TV - the Sharp LC22SV2E - yesterday.

And I am really disappointed with the picture. The black levels are poor, but maybe thats what all LCD's are like. Its so difficult to tell in the shops. Perhaps I can put up with that.

But the worst bit is the dreadful colour registration. Basically the colour and the black&white don't line up. Its really noticeable with strong contrast objects - especially text. The SKY menus show it quite clearly. Flicking around the channels this morning, I found the SKY Mix preview channel. This shows the problem really clearly:


This is supposed to be black text on a yellow background. There is no white in the signal! To give you a sense of scale, the "m" here is perhaps three inches across: the white lines are about 1/4" thick.

I checked this on my Panasonic plasma and there its just pure yellow and black, with no white to be seen.

BTW, I have tried this with the RGB, s-video and composite signals - they are all the same.

Question: Is this acceptable? Or is the TV faulty? What do you think I should do?




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LCD levels of black are the same on TV as projectors and are really levels of grey. The level of mis-convergence that you show is defiantly a fault I would say. One or two pixels would be the tolerance level I would guess.

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Have you checked that you haven't got the sharpness turned up full? Many manufacturers have them up full in the factory default as it makes the pictures look more "exciting" on the shop floor. Sharpness circuits work by adding white and black lines next to vertical objects which is supposed to make the picture more sharp. At moderate levels it works well with composite signals but isn't really necessary with RGB or component feeds.



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Thanks but yes, I have played around with that. It doesn't make any difference. Except with the sharpness turned down to 0 its a tiny bit better because everything just blurrs together more. Its still very noticeable even then and then picture is then unacceptably soft anyway.

I think its RMA time, do you agree?



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To finish this thread off, just thought I'd let you know I took the Sharp 22" back to JL this morning and exchanged it for the 23" Philips 23PF9945.

Overall, its a *major* improvement and I am very pleased. There is no humming noise and the colour registration is absolutely spot on. The pictures with s-video or RGB signals are truly excellent - really really crisp and vibrant. With composite video you get all the usuall dot crawl and chroma noise, but its not too bad, and that's inevitable with a poor signal I guess. (Although the Sharp did seem a bit better in this respect. Perhaps the comb filter is better on the Sharp.)

The one area where the Philips performs badly is the <ahem> <cough> "black" levels. Not really black at all. Rubbish, in fact. Even worse than the Sharp, and that was rubbish in the first place. And not very even "black" either - a lightish spot top right middle of the screen and another one middle left side. Very poor.

But the overall picture quality (other than dark images) is stunning and *way* better than the Sharp.

Its also pretty amazing playing Unreal Tornament 2004 at 1280x1024 on a 32" monitor :)

Cheers all,



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You will kick your self when you see the JVC 23" Did you see the 26" or 17" JVC they are excellent especially component on the 26"
You had better ignore me be happy with the phillips which isnt bad but the JVC 26" is the pick of the crop at the moment.
That and the Beovision 6 22" which is phenominal but rather Fat for an LCD!


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Actually I looked long and hard at the JVC and I didn't rate it very highly. The picture was "ok", but there were *far* too many digital processing artefacts going on.

To be honest, I have come to the conclusion that *all* lcd tv's are fairly crap in one way or another. The black levels on all them vary from "poor" to "appalling". And many have horrible digital processing problems and noisy colour.

But if you want something you can hang on the wall in the bedroom, then you are a bit stuffed. You have to take the one that offers *you* the best set of compromises.

I hope the Philips proves to be that for me. (The jury is still out really: the black levels are in the "appalling" category, even though everything else is nigh on perfect.)


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