22" LED with DLNA - Is there such a thing?


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Hi All,

Im after a 22" LED for the kitchen and would like to pick up my server. So I am also after DLNA. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking but nothing, zip, diddle.

Anybody know of such a machine?


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Probably wont find one, media players tend to appear in only 30" or higher models. A lot of 22" displays are just computer monitors re-purposed as TV's.

It would be easier to just buy a very small media player for use with the TV, would have better media compatibility too.


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I've got a Sony KDL-22E5300 (discontinued last Spring) that handles DNLA:

KDL-22E5300 (KDL22E5300) : Overview : TV & Home Cinema : Sony

However it sounds like some people have had problems using it:


It has a fantastic spec for such a small TV and in some respect is probably better than the current 22" models. As well as DNLA it uses the Bravia Engine 3 to give a great picture. Its looks aren't exactly conventional but may suit a kitchen (I have mine in a white conservatory).

It may be too late to find one new, and its DNLA may not be up to the job, but it is a 22" TV with DNLA, so may be what you are after.

Hope this helps,


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Just stumbled across this post as I'm also looking for a 22" DLNA TV.

The Cello model above sounds like a steal, but does it support DLNA, or just a form of media sharing? I can't find anything to suggest it's DLNA certified...would be great to know for sure...
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