21CN / WBC. Village has had enough


Forgive me father for I have sinned
It's been an age since I was last on here .....

But AVForums has never let me down before!

A broadstroke comparison to 'Bank of Dave', our village has simply had enough

Our exchange is here:
SamKnows - Broadband Availability - Wickwar (SSWWR) Exchange
We have had 8mb broadband (full 8mb as we sit on the exchange) for a while now and 21CN was pencilled in for Mar 2011.
However, the pencil marks were rubbed out and no upgrade is now set, ever since the announcement of FTTC
We have no cable in the area and 8mb is now the equivalent of 512kb broadband. Especially when you have teenagers in the house!
As BT had no plans for a 21CN network for our exchange, I bandied the idea about to a few of the villagers to unbundle the exchange ourselves.
A figure quoted from another question I asked put the cost at about £100,000 for the outlay
We could easily club together that amount very instantly
My question is;
How we could go about it?

Who to contact?

Prices involved?

Hardware needed?

Who manages it in the exchange?
I have a million questions, but if someone pointed me in the right direction, I could get the ball moving very very quickly. We are now sick of being held to ransom as BT hits FTTC to the population density areas and leave us in the lurch.
Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated


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my village is in the same situation so i would be very interested in your plans to do the unbundling and any info you have come up with, i mean how will you have access to a backbone other than rental on openreaches? or is the cost including a bung to some other company to provide an alternate step beyond the exchange?


Update alert!

I finally got through to Openreach (they frown on you not having a Duns ID) for unbundling, as FTTC is completely out of the water. Even if WE paid for it
400 already with full interest for taking up the 20meg
Openreach priced 500 ties for starters at 11k
optional 500 ties for 8k
The cabinet and space at 3k
and 3k "rental space" per year.
Server and backup server are already set to go

All I need now is a backbone supplier (costing) and relevant info on anything else

Anyone point me in the right direction

Also, add in 5k for a Duns ID (otherwise BT won't speak to you) and ISO9001 so you can enter the exchange
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can you not talk to the poeple at rutland telecom before you go and obtain a duns id, they might do some asking for you

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