21" CRT - which to buy?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by andrewfee, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Currently I have a 32" Samsung LCD, but after re-decorating my room, the my viewing distance has dropped by about 3ft. (hadn't completely taken this into consideration)

    Because of this, my screen is now too big for the room, and I will be selling it. I had planned on picking up a 26" LCD in its place, but I now think I'll wait it out until I've got more cash to spend. The £900 for the Samsung LCD was pushing things, but I feel that if I wait another six months or so, I'll have a lot more money to spend, and will be able to get a better display.

    I did have a very nice 28" Widescreen Panasonic CRT before, but I have given it to my parents and don't want to ask for it back. I'm thinking that in the meantime, It would be best to pick up a nice 21" CRT, as it hopefully shouldn't cost too much, and when I do have the money for a better LCD, it'll make a good replacement for the aging 14" Sony CRT we have in the kitchen. (brightness and contrast need to be cranked for a viewable picture now)

    So what would you recommend? I've always been impressed by the quality of the 14" Sony CRT we've got; I've had a few CRTs over the years, and nothing has compared in terms of quality in my eyes.

    I see there's a new 21" Wega set from Sony that has just come out, which looks rather good at around £200 delivered:


    I really like the styling, but more importantly, it's got a 16:9 mode to view widescreen content properly.

    Is there anything else you would recommend, or is the Sony a good one to go with? Lower prices would be good, but I'm still wanting to get a high quality screen.

    I would definitely prefer a true flatscreen, and need at least one RGB input. Component inputs would be great, as it will cost me at least £80 to buy back RGB cables for everything. (I sold them, and upgraded to component for progressive scan on my LCD) I don't care if the set is progressive or not, but component support would be a huge benifit.

    Other than that, I don't have any requirements. A line-out on the back would be nice too, but not essential, as long as it's got either that or a headphone jack.

    Oh, and 60Hz NTSC support is a must, although I'm sure that all TVs support it these days.

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