21:9 aspect ratio passthrough on Marantz SR5013


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Hi, I recently got a SR5013 and I'm having an issue with 21:9 sources passing through the AVR.

The issue is the following:

  • Marantz SR5013
  • Mac mini (running macOS Catalina and capable of output natively 2560×1080)
  • LG ultrawide 21:9 monitor (25UM65-P), capable of displaying 2560x1080 resolutions
Scenario A - When I directly connect the Mac mini to the LG monitor with HDMI => I get an ultrawide 21:9 2560x1080 image, as sent natively by the Mac mini. The image fills the 21:9 monitor screen, so the Mac desktop is displayed all along the monitor screen. No stretching or upscaling, all is native.

Scenario B - When I attach with HDMI (1) the Mac mini to the SR5013 and (2) the SR5013 to the LG monitor => I only get 16:9 image, so the Mac desktop gets pillarboxes on the LG 21:9 monitor. Obviously using the same high speed HDMI cables from scenario A.

It seems as if in Scenario B the SR5013 is downsampling the Mac mini 21:9 source image to 16:9, which is what the monitor receives.

I understood that the SR5013 supported 21:9 passthrough (this is all I want, no scaling, just get on the monitor the original source data), so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Has anyone been able to send 21:9 sources through a Marantz AVR? Similar thing happen when the source is a Windows PC, so it seems the issue is on the AVR side not understanding 21:9 aspect ratios?

I found this thread reporting a similar issue on a Denon, so I underdstand it must be possible...

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