20th Century Boys: Chapter 2 - The Last Hope Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Gerard Magnier, 24th November 2009
‘20th Century Boys: Chapter 2’ was released this year (2009) and was directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi. The movie is the second part of a trilogy based on the acclaimed manga of Naoki Urasawa. It revolves around a masked religious zealot, called Friend, who claims to hold the key to uniting humanity with the universe. In an effort to put a dampener on his meteoric rise to religious ecstasy on a global scale, it’s up to Kanna (a teenage school girl) and a rag tag bunch of underground rebels to expose Friend as a manipulative maniac. I would place this movie in the same category as “Watchmen”; it’s an enjoyable enough affair but the complexity of both the characters and the plot means that viewers unfamiliar with either the manga or the first instalment of the trilogy will find this movie somewhat inaccessible and unrewarding.

The video presentation is somewhat disappointing, with a softness and lack of clarity causing me to really question the transfer process for the release. The audio presentation is a lot better and really makes use of all available channels, demonstrating some nice bass and surround activity. The extras portion is weak, with only two standard definition trailers available. I’m sure that fans of the original movie or the manga on which this movie was based will lap this up but even the pleasing surround mix could not atone for the overly complex feature presentation and poor transfer on this release.

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