20D Battery Grip Question


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I've been looking at battery grips for the 350d, and from what I've seen some of the unofficial batteries have a higher mAmp and so have a longer life. In terms of the battery grip itself, only a few I've seen have the extra shutter and dials like the canon's. Hahnel ones don't for instance but the Opteka ones do. I've heard Opteka's are pretty good and they claim are made from the same moulds as the canon's, with just different buttons.

I don't know if the equivalent 20d/30d grips and batteries are the same.


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Thought you had a grip and sold it a week later cause you didn't like it?


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The genuine model shouldn't be that much different to the patent unit as long as you buy the right 'knock-off' one. That said the genuine is just under £100 new from alot of different retaillers. Might be worth looking for a used one and seeing if that drops the price for you :)

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