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2046 DVD Review (Region 3)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Seth Gecko, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Seth Gecko

    Seth Gecko
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    Oct 9, 2004
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    <P STYLE='text-align: center'><FONT STYLE='font-size: 18px'><IMG SRC='http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/2046/2046R3.jpg' ALT='2046 DVD cover artwork' ALIGN='RIGHT'>2046</FONT><br>Reviewed June 2005 by <A HREF='search.php?do=process&query=Craig Snell&showposts=1&forumchoice[]=107&forumchoice[]=197' target='_top'>Craig Snell</A>.</P><P><B>The Movie : 4</B></P><P>Being in competition for last year’s Cannes Film Festival, 2046 is a sort of semi-sequel to director, Wong Kar Wai’s earlier film ‘In the Mood for Love’ and having not seen that particular film I had no idea what to expect. After a hard day at work, I settled down to see what all the media fuss was about and popped the DVD into my player……</p><P>Veteran Asian actor, Tony Leung plays Chow, a man who plies his trade writing ‘questionable’ fiction. Chow is also a bit of a love machine and certainly has no problem with the ladies. He moves into an apartment building in room 2047 next to room 2046 where he watches everyone come and go. Whilst in his room he begins to write stories around the infamous room. Now what I going to say may upset fans of the film. I found the film to be boring, pretentious arty drivel. I cannot criticise any of the film’s actors as they all turn in good performances especially Zhang ZiYi, who is becoming one of the best female Asian actresses working today.</p><P>Whilst I like Tony Leung as an actor and enjoyed his performances in Hero and Toyko Raiders, I just couldn’t connect his performance here. There is no question that he is a brilliant actor but I couldn’t sympathise with his character or the situation he was in.</p><P>The visual style of the film is frankly sensational. The opening CGI effects have this dreamy quality which makes watching the film a beautiful experience. The photography on the whole is also excellent and you can see the care and attention given to every shot by the cinematographer using the widescreen process. The music of the film has some of the most haunting melodies I have heard in a long time and give the film a moody, romantic atmosphere. You can see by watching the film that a lot of care and attention has been put in to the production and I can understand why the film has its fans. Speaking to a friend over the telephone, he asked me what I thought of the film and I said I was unimpressed. He immediately asked me why and I said it was just boring to me. After watching the film, I decided to read other reviews of the film and see what other people thought of it. There were a lot of positive reviews, but also some negative ones. I think 2046 is a film that divides people’s opinions rather like ‘Oldboy’ which I enjoyed immensely. </p><P><B>Picture : 7</B></P><P>Presented in 2:35:1 anamorphic widescreen, 2046 has a beautiful look which is complemented by the encoding on the disc. The film features bright vibrant colours on the CGI scenes, dark deep blacks on some character scenes and throughout the film we are treated to different splashes of colour. The DVD handles these well with the blacks particularly deep and no sign of artefact problems. As a character based film with plenty of close-ups on the actors, one would hope that the picture has good skin tones. It certainly has, in particular the ladies come out looking very beautiful.</p><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/2046/2046R3_1.jpg' ALT='2046'></P><P><B>Sound : 7</B></P><P>Presented in Cantonese and Mandarin, the dialogue from the centre channel is clear. Some of the film’s actors have distinct voices and these stand out well against the rest of the film. Even though I couldn’t understand what was said, the tones of Tony Leung and others were easily recognisable. The music as I mentioned above is awesome and is generously presented around the full surround set-up. In fact although, the film wasn’t my cup of tea, I have however picked up the soundtrack as it is a brilliant piece of musical composition.</p><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/2046/2046R3_2.jpg' ALT='2046'></P><P><B>Extras : 1</B></P><P>Just a trailer and two screen with credits on (written in Chinese)</p><P STYLE='text-align: center'><IMG SRC='http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/2046/2046R3_3.jpg' ALT='2046'></P><P><B>Verdict : 5</B></P><P>Like I said, the film has its champions, just not me I’m afraid.</p><div ALIGN='CENTER'>Review Disc Supplied by <a href="http://global.yesasia.com/assocred.asp?W7QIPXOV+/en/prdTransfer.aspx/pid-1003829424" target=”_blank”><img src="http://www.wvip.co.uk/images/dvd/SuppliersLogos/YesAsia.jpg" Align="absmiddle"></a><br>Please support us by using our review sponsors.</div><TABLE border='0' CELLPADDING='0' CELLSPACING='2' WIDTH='100%'><TR><TD COLSPAN='2'><B>2046 (2004)</B><A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?compare=5285' target='_blank'><IMG SRC='http://www.totaldvd.net/images/comparedvds.gif' WIDTH='121' HEIGHT='18' border='0' ALIGN='ABSMIDDLE' ALT='Comparison feature coming soon'></A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Genres</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=exact&searchfield=genre&search_for=DRAMA' target='_blank'>DRAMA</A>, <A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=exact&searchfield=genre&search_for=ROMANCE' target='_blank'>ROMANCE</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Director</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=director&search_for=KAR WAI WONG' target='_blank'>KAR WAI WONG</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Stars</TD><TD><A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI' target='_blank'>TONY LEUNG CHIU WAI</A>, <A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=LI GONG' target='_blank'>LI GONG</A>, <A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=TAKUYA KIMURA' target='_blank'>TAKUYA KIMURA</A>, <A HREF='http://www.totaldvd.net/cgi-bin/dvdreviews.php?include=all&searchfield=stars&search_for=FAYE WONG' target='_blank'>FAYE WONG</A></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65'><B>Region</B></TD><TD><B>3</B> <FONT>(HONG KONG)</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Supplier</TD><TD><FONT>Mei Ah Entertainment. Released Friday 10th December 2004</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>SRP</TD><TD><FONT>$15.99</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Discs</TD><TD><FONT>1</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Format</TD><TD><FONT>DVD9</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Time</TD><TD><FONT>129 mins.</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD VALIGN='TOP' WIDTH='65'>Chapters</TD><TD><FONT>11</FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Picture</TD><TD>Anamorphic Widescreen 2:35:1&nbsp;</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Sound</TD><TD>Cantonese Dolby Digital 5.1<BR>Mandarin Dolby Digital 5.1</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Subtitles</TD><TD>Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Case</TD><TD>Amaray</TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='65' VALIGN='TOP'>Extras</TD><TD>Trailer<BR>Film Credits and synopsis</TD></TR></TABLE><P STYLE='text-align: center'>If you would like to comment on this review, please reply below.</P>

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