2021 OLED Discussion (LG/Panasonic/Sony etc.)


I know that fomo will be comparing all of them however he is not a calibrator. Without a doubt Vincent will be comparing them. I wouldn't be surprised if vinny didn't already have a Sony but has an NDA in operation. I got an email from Sony and it had an HDTVTest best of CES 2021 badge next to the TV so he is clearly on good terms with them to use his badge, and an influencer with 300,000 subs.

Fomo is on good terms with value electronics in the USA who get all the sets ( LG, Sony, this year Panasonic, Vizio and TCL in the states. And has has already states he will be doing head to heads that people want to see.

Ironically the states are reporting shortages already of the Sony A90J..I think due to an earthquake that's hit a plant that makes lots of components that go into these TVS. So that's not good
I dont like Fomos reviews. He not very tech savy and seemed very anti LG in past.


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So? Promos, freebies, combos, discounts, cashbacks etc are under the purview of each opco/individual market. LG Poland clearly feel that to deliver their Q1 numbers and they need a good bump in sales, which they can deliver by giving freebies away. In the UK the margins are likely far smaller, or sales good enough that they don't need to beg you to buy their products. Why should LG UK give you a freebie for pre ordering? If you're pre ordering, you want the product more than they want your business. Quite why you feel entitled to a freebie is beyond me. You clearly feel aggrieved enough that the only way to settle this is to order directly from LG Poland.

If the individual market feel they want to entice you to part with your cash by offering an incentive deal, it's their choice. If a retailer wants to do the same, it's their choice. I doubt you were bleating this much when LG UK offered huge cashback deals on the C8 and E8, while the rest of Europe got "NOTHING"

You're making a fuss about nothing. Move on.
1) I did not know this and you are clearly more well informed about it then I am.
2) Well because LG Poland were offering these deals with 2021 Pre-orders I wrongly assumed that it would/should of been an LG Global Promo for all 2021 Pre-orders.
3) Entitled, NO.
4) How could I have as you put it " bleated " about something which I knew nothing about ?

I do still feel that it is odd how these Promo giveaways are market specific, but as you have suggested this is likely just how it is. So I have learned something new today.

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