2020 Philips or Samsung best for me?


Hello all,

Trying to decide which TV is better for me.
Watching 70% FHD Television, 10% FHD movies, 20% Youtube. (watching from 3.7-4 meters, so believe minimum is 65 inch and optimal 75 inch, agree?)

I read a lot of information and Dodgexander posts
and still can't understand which is better for me and overall .

was looking in to:
Philips 70PUS7805/12 749.00 € (IPS so declined?)
Philips 75PUS7805/12 1000.00 € (IPS or VA?)
Philips 70PUS8505/12 960.00 € (VA)
Philips 75PUS8505/12 1249.00 € (IPS or VA?)

Samsung UE75TU7172 880,00 € (VA)
Samsung UE75TU8072 1008.00 € (VA)

1. Main question is which is best for upscalling television and to watch TV content (FHD content)?
2. TU7000 and TU8000 really has the same picture quality ?
3. Can't find info about 75 inch Philips panels (look above)
4. Read what Samsungs (300nits) so dark vs Philips (400 nits)

Really like SAMSUNG TU7000 and TU8000 desing (they have same true?) , black and slim bezzels, hate Phillips silver and big bezzels, but like very much ambilight. some time ago I had Phillips and can't forget how cool is ambilight :)

Let's try to discuss guys and let's find best for me by picture quality /price/size.


At your viewing distance a 75" is not too big at all for FHD content.
1. Probably the Philips models because of the P5 processor. Won't be much in it though.
2. Yes. See feature/connectivity differences here: Samsung телевизори (инфо на първа страница)
3. Hard to know for certain, Philips usually use IPS. 70" will be VA though. I'd say 75" is always IPS, but not 100%
4. Nits doesn't really matter unless you use in bright conditions. None of these TVs are going to be good to use with HDR content, which is why nits is now a popular specification.

I'd go with the 75" Samsung models if VA is the panel type you want and you like their aesthetics.

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