2019 SM/OLED models June Firmware Update -Version 04.80.02/03


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Yup, I agree. I always play safe with his sort of thing. I never rush in and update when new firmware surfaces, in the same way that I never rush in and apply new software updates to my Mac. I certainly would never apply an out-of-region update either. Make no sense to me, but there you go.


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Hi guys

Sorry for not answering sooner.

I have kept the tv unplugged over night and it has improved the situation but the judder is still there.

In my original post I neglected to mention that my eyes are extremely sensitive to frame/frequency discrepancies and it has given me headaches for years on my PC monitors (I use a fully tuned SVP utility for my monitor otherwise I would go insane with video content.)

I asked about 10 people about the tv issue and they say they cannot see it....

The reason that I am upset is that out of the box I was really amazed at how good it handles interpolation. No artifacts no halo no stutter...wonderful picture.

It has improved but its still there. I went to retailer and they had no idea what I was talking about. I tried to show them on several models in the store and they do not see it but I do. Then I remembered to show them the YT RTings motion tests and thats when they saw it...that's how it looks to me all the time :D

I will wait a bit to see if next update will make it a bit more better if not I will have to get used to it.....



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