Question 2018 Vizio M-Series bright spot on top of screen (banding?)


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Feb 3, 2019
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Hi all. I’m looking for help/advice on an issue that is driving me crazy. There is a spot in the top middle of my new Vizio M55-F0 that is noticeably brighter than the surrounding screen. It is most visible when the tv is displaying brighter colors, particularly yellow, green, and white. I play a lot of video games, and it is constantly drawing my eye away from the action and driving me NUTS. The really odd thing about this is that it isn’t a problem at all in dark scenes—it’s not clouding or flashlighting—and it seems to get worse the brighter the screen is. It looks like a portion of a vertical line, about 3-4 inches up/down and an inch across.

My questions are: can anybody identify what this is and what causes it? Is there any way to fix or minimize it? Is it worth exchanging?

I’ve attached a picture. It’s hard to take a good picture of a tv screen, but you can see it a bit. It’s much more noticeabke in motion.

Some context: The TV has already been exchanged once. I have had dirty screen effect issues with every flat-screen TV I’ve owned, and it’s always driven me crazy. We got the Vizio to replace our old TV (also a Vizio from around 2012) because of how bad the DSE was. The first set we got had pretty bad banding and DSE, arguably worse than the one we bought it to replace, so after much debate I set up an exchange. It also had a brighter white line that ran all the way down the middle rather than only being noticeable near the top. This one is MUCH better generally if it weren’t for that one spot at the top, which is more noticeable than anything on the previous set. If I could get rid of that spot, I’d be totally happy with this new set. I would feel really bad asking for another exchange, but at the same time, I’m finding it hard to live with. I do have an obsessive/anxious personality type and find myself spending all day thinking about it. My wife can’t see it at all and hates when I bring it up.


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