2018 LG OLED Issue

Mike G

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I purchased an LG 55B8SLC in 2018 and until recently it has been fine. I've noticed more and more things going wrong with the panel. Firstly there is the image retention of the Nick Jr channel logo (I've conceded it has permanently burned in despite pixel shift and logo luminance settings), although this is only really visible on higher brightness settings.

Then there's this, which I initially thought was from the channel content but actually turned out to be the panel. Lighter freckles across the top of the screen and the odd black pixel.

I've tried the pixel refresher function and no change. The lighter freckles only appear around the edge of the screen with some black pixels but on closer inspection I've noticed the very occasional black pixels further inwards. Tried cleaning to make sure it isn't surface debris and it definitely isn't.

Four years isn't really that great for an OLED cost price. Do I bother trying to contact LG about it? Many have said they've got nowhere with them and end up just having to bite the bullet and buy another as panel repair or replacement isn't cost effective.


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Hey man I'm literally having the exact same issue with mine. Bought a B series from Costco and have been dealing with Squaretrade for a week to no avail. They told they can't do anything for me.
I'll be calling LG this week to see if they can help. I feel the same as you the ROI for normal use isn't worth it. I have a 15 year old LG LCD that is still fine. I can't un-see the burn in now and it's driving me crazy. I'll keep you posted on what happens with LG.

Mike G

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Hope you manage to make progress, I may give it a go but I'm pretty sure LG won't lift a finger and it won't be covered in warranty. I'm currently in the process of trying to convince the wife that we should get another, she blindsided me and booked a holiday instead 😂


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You are lucky, 4 years is good. My problems with C9 started after the second year.
Certainly, OLED technology is much more capricious and requires specific care and attention, especially with LG models.
I'm currently considering buying a new TV, and my original choice was OLED again, but I'm not so sure anymore.


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I have just had my 2018 C7 panel replaced by Currys due to bad burn in. It came with 5 year warranty and I had meant to contact them before now, but just never got around to it. Their service was great and it was turned around in a week.

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