2017 Budget Speaker Best Buy Comparison & Discussion


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Nice little lineup there. Definitely some nice speakers at lower price points these days.

On this comparison though, you have the Q350 as being 9/10 and highly recommended whereas the review linked to is 8/10 and just recommended.

Good work as usual Ed :)


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I think articles based on budget like this should include run out models from previous ranges. You can still buy the floor standing Kef Q500 for £429. I'd like to know how this compares to the new Q350. The same is true of AV receivers - last years models are often still available and much cheaper.


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Hello Ed,

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but being a new member I am unable to reach out directly, so I hope you find this!

Anyways I am heavily debating between the KEF Q350 and Wharfedale Reva 2. I am able to get either for a great deal of $550 US (new with warranty)

I am wanting to upgrade a pair of paradigm mini monitor v3, and while they sound great with some music, they struggle with the more complex recordings such as Radiohead albums and lose most of their dynamics and detail at lower volumes. I will likely keep the 10" paradigm subwoofer in the system.

Top qualities I'm looking for
1. Good with acoustic string music
2. Able to handle complex rhythm
3. good at low volume
4. easy placement
5. Decent off axis listening

Do you have any advice? I am unfortunately unable to hear either before buying and am hoping you can shed some light as you have reviewed both



That's a lot to ask for. I have the audiovector qr1 speakers. Easy to place, amazing highs, great lows, fantastic composure, still great at low volume. Reference for the price! Nothing can beat these at the price.

Best regards


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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the reply. QR1 is a little out of my price range.

I do understand that neither speaker would be able to do all of that perfectly (or they would cost many times more), but I am just curious how these two speaker stack up against each other in those areas to help me make an initial decision.

I will resell and move on if they don't float my boat



I used to have the acoustic energy 301 speakers. Great speakers but the tweeter was too harsh in my empty, hard listening room. I understand they are a little out of your price range but speakers are the most important!

I use a twenty year old jvc receiver and everything fell into place. Simple class AB amplification. Unbelievable. I kid you not. True magic. Took me five years and a lot of money before i got there.

Try to listen to them somewhere. You will understand what i mean.

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