2016 Samsung ARC not connecting to my new Anthem MRX1140


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Hi. I have a 2016 Samsung UN65U630DF. This model has an ARC HDMI port, which worked fine with my previous Yamaha receiver, but not with my new Anthem MRX1140. Here's the situation:

Main problem:
  • I can successfully play a DVD movie (player connected by HDMI to the MRX) and video goes to the TV and audio plays on the MRX
  • However, I have Apple TV connected from the router and output directly to the TV HDMI1in (cable/SAT/DVI) on the back. Yet, Audio is not passing through the ARC port to the MRX (which has an eARC port)
  • I've used both my older HDMI cable and a new one specified for 8K
When I try to connect the MRX to the TV:
  • The TV registers the fact that there is a “new device” on the HDMI3 (ARC) port but is unable to identify the device automatically
  • When I go through the manual set-up for the new device it is unable to identify the Anthem MRX1140.
  • When I am asked to input the brand, the TV recognizes Anthem (after I type in the name), but it does not recognize the model.
  • When I put in the Model (MRX1140) I am given a short list of Anthem devices to choose from (including MRX 300, 500, 700).
  • When I choose (search for other models) I enter the same loop, with the same choices coming up.
  • If I choose to use the MRX700 it still does not recognize the device.
  • I did a factory reset of my Samsung TV and also made sure the Firmware was up to date
  • I called the technician at Crutchfield but he drew a blank on this. Same with the Samsung tech.
  • The MRX is successfully sending audio and video to the Samsung through it's eARC port, but the ARC connection on the Samsung is not communicating back to the MRX for the AppleTV
  • I could probably bypass the ARC by using optical digital out from the TV to the MRX
  • As I'll be setting up a new Samsung TV (QN900A 8K) with eARC port in about 6 weeks, I'm hoping the problem will be solved, but eARC was supposed to be backward compatible and I'd like to use my Apple TV with something other than the TV speakers in the meantime.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts, Bill

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