Question 2014 bravia kdl-50w800b IP keeps changing pls help


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i have had this TV for almost 3 years now and i have been using it with alexa control for almost a year via alexa anymote skill and an always on android device running the anymote app
i recently changed the SSID name of my 2.4 ghz band on my router because my yamaha receiver will no longer connect to my router but will connect to other networks fine
i thought it would solve the problem, it didn't

after doing this the TV will no longer work with alexa/anymote skill anymote app
after much frustration and playing with it for 3 days i found that the IP address of the TV now keeps on changing all the time ,like every 20 min or so and the anymote app gives me a "can not connect" error
when i go into settings of the app for the TV and into the TV's internet settings i see the IP does not match i change the IP in the app setting and it works for about 5 minutes then stops working again and will not reconnect, i check the IP address of the TV and find it has changed
it never did this before and i didn't change anything else but rename the SSID for the 2.4ghz band
i have connected the TV to the 5ghz and the android device running the app to 5ghz
and mixed and matched them in every possible configuration and the same thing keeps happening every single time
also there is an option in the settings of the TV that says IPv6 options and use ipV6
when i enable it the TV will not connect at all i would like to know what this is for

why does my TV keep on changing it's IP address all the time now when it didn't before?
how can i make the IP address of the TV stay the same?

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