2013 or 2014 Panasonic?


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This coming week I am planning on making a TV purchase for the bedroom. Budget of around £600 and a screen size of 39 - 42".

I can pick up last years TXL42E6B, with a cantilever wall bracket for £600 with 5 year warranty, from my local hifi store.
Or, I have been offered, I think, the TXL42FT60B for £630 (5 yr warranty)
Or, I can hang fire on the new TX39AS600B for £600 (again, 5 year warranty).

Now, SMART I need. I am streaming content via DLNA, and have my server stocked full of of my old DVD rips, and now I'm working on my BR rips (still to get a good system for 3D).

3D isn't so important, as it's for the bedroom. But in the future, the set may or may not be shifted around, and so it wouldn't be the worst thing if I had 3D available. As I already have a GT30 in my lounge and a 3d PJ in the cinema, so I do have the 3D content.

But, as I said, it is not 100% required on this set.

Would there be much advantage in waiting for the 2014 AS600 over the FT60 or E6B? I like the idea of the new EPG in the new sets, but is that all I'm gaining? And loosing the 3D for it?

Any ideas?


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No answers on this?

BTW, I got my account fixed, and so this was really my thread...


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The E6 is one of the most highly rated LED's from last year. CNET.com even judged it to have better PQ than the top of the range WT60. It is a very good TV at a very good price. I think the original price was about £750. JL are selling for £479 with 5 year guarantee. What made the E6 punch above its weight? It's equipped with a VA panel instead of the usual IPS found throughout the rest of the range. This gave it deeper blacks and better contrast.
I have had a quick look at the new Panasonic line up and everything above and including the AS650 are labelled as using IPS panels. I assume that the other ranges do not as they are not specified 'IPS' on the website.
The AS600 is 100hz which is the same as the E6. If the AS600 also uses a similar panel chances are the PQ might be quite similar. This is pure conjecture!
The TV which interests me is the step up AS640 which apparently has 1200HZ. Again, IPS panel is not indicated so it might have a killer combination of contrast and good motion handling. The new Sony W829 has been getting very good reviews for having similar qualities.
The AS640 comes in 40 and 48" sizes. The 40" is £749 in Currys but that price is likely to come down soon to match the 42" W829 at around £699. Richer Sounds and JL will probably have similar prices but with the all important 5 year guarantee's.
So is a higher refresh rate important to you?!
If you watch a lot of sport and action movies then it will be well worth the extra investment.
If you watch mainly normal day to day programming then the E6 will be an excellent choice.


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That's exactly the sort of advice I was looking for to be honest.

I forgot to mention what the TV will be primarily used for I guess. Except for the need for connecting up to my server. Well, it will mostly be TV shows I guess. Like Castle, The Americans, NCIS and stuff like that. But there may also be a lot of movies too. And I do prefer action movies if I'm honest, but not just action movies.

Gaming is unlikely, but then again, I did used to have a PS3 in the bedroom, and when I do upgrade the lounge set-up to a Xbox One / PS4 / Both, then I will likely throw one of my last gen consoles in the bedroom. Again, unlikely to be massive amounts of gaming going on, but there might be some.

The E6 @ £479 was what really got me decided to go for a new bedroom TV. So I do doubt I could bring myself to up the budget to £699, never mind £749 for the AS640, as much as I would really like to. I mean £600 itself was pushing it, and that would have ideally included the cantilever wall mount I would likely need to squeeze the screen size into the corner the screen is going.

Now, however, since writing the original post, I have realised that the wife's Amazon Prime subscription gets here all that on demand stuff from them too. I don't particularly fancy getting another box for the room, preferring a cleaner install of TV and nothing else. But I don't see any Panny sets that appear to support this. So have had a look at the Samsung offerings.

With this in mind, the Samsung UE40F6500 looks a decent enough fit at around £550 from Richer Sounds (trying to get JL to price match). This at least gets me the Prime App, should connect up to the server I assume as well as the Panny would, gives me 3D as well as Dual Core. Not so sure I fancy active 3D in the bedroom though. It's enough of a PITA is the lounge and cinema. Would probably prefer the lighter, cheaper, bigger, cinema passive 3D glasses if there is 3D at all. Also not sure about Samsung PQ (especially non 3D) when compared to the Panasonic stuff (I am a Panasonic fan, in-case you can't tell).

That said, I am now open to other suggestions, ideally no more expensive than £600 though. And if 3D, I would prefer passive over active. I am probably pop up to Costco tomorrow for a wee look, since they also do 5 year warranties on TV's, and can be relatively cheap.

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