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2011 Best phone for iplayer downloads (Not Streaming)

Chubby Checker

Standard Member
Find it rather frustrating that there does not appear to be much choice for a good phone that allows direct downloads over wifi from iplayer direct to the device.

My old Nokia 5800 has this. However the battery is dying somewhat ( i get 2 hrs of watching a vid, which aint bad but would like longer as one would get with a smarter phone) and i quite fancy a new phone but none of these expensive phones seem up to the job, iphone, galaxy s etc

By chance i tried the galaxy tab and found it does allow direct downloads via the iplayer website through the browser, so i purchased one, and i love it. Surprised more is not made of this function. Would love to have it on my main phone.

Any recommendations as to any other of the newer phones allow this?

I believe the nokia n8 does, but has been a bit iffy. Ideally would like a new android phone, have tried the galaxy s ii in store but doesnt seem to allow it, very surprised i thought it would be the same as the tab browser

Any tips.


Active Member
You can use any android phone to 'download' iplayer videos. You just change the user agent setting in the browser so the website you visit thinks you're using a laptop and allows you to download. However I'm assuming you would need an official BBC iplayer program to play the movies downloaded as they won't be standard video files?

Chubby Checker

Standard Member
Thanks for the reply, however when i tried to access the iplayer website on the brief time i had in the store on the g s ii there was no option to download ( wifi was on) unlike the galaxy tab.

Anyone with a g s ii / other android phone able to do so.


Active Member
That's because as I explained already the user agent setting needs changing on the browser.

That said, this only makes an option available to download. If you click download on any phone it will ask you install the iplayer program to your pc. You wouldn't have act
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