2011 27" iMac keeps crashing! Help!


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Hey guys,

Right I bought a 27" iMac in summer this year and well it was perfect, however I didn't really put it through its paces until I started uni this semester, I'm studying computer games art and use a lot of graphics intensive software, which was the main reason to switching from a pc.

When the mac crashes it is normally red hot at the back and it won't do anything the whole machine just freezes and I loose almost everything I did in that session!

Tech specs:
3.4ghz i7 processor
12gb ram
256gb SSD with 2tb HDD
2gb graphics

The software I use mainly:
Safari iTunes ect ect
Mud box 2011

Parallels desktop 7
Which normally runs
3ds max 2011
UDK 2011 September build

And I'm running this for a reasonable amount of time as well
Not everything all at once though!

Also I use a Zeppelins air on AirPlay for my music but it seems to keep cutting out when I have a couple of bits of software open?

This happens on a rather regular basis now also! I have called apple care but got someone who told me to take it to a store which I will do next week but I need to get uni work done for the week I go back :p

It is sat on a desk in a well ventilated area and kept very clean with nothing placed on or around it!

This not what I expect from a £2.5k machine, just wondering if there is anything I may have missed or something I'm not getting right!

Please help!


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Open Activity Monitor and check the memory usage whilst your working. Might help give an idea of why it's freezing. The over heating might be a reason for the freeze too.


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Red hot at the back? Sounds like a fire hazard to me :eek: . Anyway, run a app to show the temperatures - eg., iStatPro or TemperatureMonitor - and grab a screenshot as proof.


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Open up your console (type console into spotlight) and see what messages you received just as the system froze.
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