200X vs 300x, general questions


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Not sure whether to get an HD 200X or HD 300X. Obviously the main difference is 3D. I have two questions:

1. Do I only need one RF emitter for all the glasses I purchase (if I go for 300X).
2. I'm worried about bulbs if I buy a 200x. How long will they make 200x bulbs for?

Lastly, the 200x - which is £600 on Amazon - is that the best I can get for £600? Willing to pay a bit more but want to make sure I am getting my money's worth.



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Only 1 emitter required for multiple pairs of glasses.

200x bulbs will be available for at least 5yrs, the unit is still in production and you can still get lamps for other optoma projectors that are 5+ years old.

£599 is the best price for a new unit, occasionally refurbs are available from ebay for £500-£525.
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