2007 Developments?


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Don't know if this has already been reported here (searched and couldn't see anything) but HDTV UK have a few snippets of info from Sky about possible developments with Sky HD / Sky+ into 2007. Probably all old news, but just in case...



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Offering broadband is a no brainer for Sky.
It'll need to be as nobody at $ky had a brain available at the time of going to press....

And what exactly will the next generation Sky+ box, mentioned almost as an aside by CEO James Murdoch at the the launch, look like and do.
With any luck, work correctly....

Well we have a box that can do that already in the HD Sky+ unit. It is compatible with the latest video codec, MPEG4, has a powerful processor and excellent graphics facilities.
I nearly wet myself when I read that...Surely he's referring to another box...

That is actually the next generation Sky+ box. We aren’t saying much about it at the moment...
Neither would I if it performed as badly as the current efforts..

Multiple streaming of HD channels is still some way off..
Why, can't they get 10mbps streams over a 54mbps wifi connection...

I couldn't resist the opportunity to comment on their site :)


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Hi Chaps
This sounds very similar to a device that was shown on TV the other day. It is currently used in some parts of Paris and from what I saw, they used 24?mb broadband lines to stream multiple channels to various rooms in a house via this box. Impressive it looked too but unfortunately for most of the UK this level of available bandwidth is still some way off.

As an aside, does any one know how much bandwidth would be needed to display a film at standard DVD quality? From what I gather the BBC are considering placing much of their vaults online.

Regards MD

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