2006 Samsung LCDs - R7 Range - Pre Release / Specs / Price Info *Part 2*


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thanks to mkjones for starting the original thread

for reference

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NEW Samsung R7 Range - Out now

Just so people do not get confused with the thread about the "NEW" Samsung LCDs, there is an even "NEW-ER" range out in April 2006:


And YES that are availiable in Black.


New styling: check. Fancy speaker setups: check. Why else should we consider upgrading to the R7 range? Well, the response time of the LCD panels has been improved to 6ms, the perceived contrast ratio is a boastful 5,000:1, and there's a new 'game' picture setting that has been calibrated to make the most of your Xbox 360 experience. However, you may be spoiled for choice. There's a plethora of new LCD, plasma and rear-pro TVs heading our way from Samsung, and when Crave returns to British soil we'll pursue them relentlessly on your behalf.

A nice video: HERE

I hope they arrive soon :) I personally am holding out for the 40" version in black.


Details on the different designs:

Oh yes for the colors:

R71B = Blue (bottom) + Black (casing)
R72B = Silver + Black
R73BD = Blue + Black + DVB - T tuner
R74BD = Silver + Black + DVB - T tuner
R71W = White

71, 72, 74 is for the design.

B means Black
W means White
D means digital tuner.

philflow also posted:
detailed pictures of the different designs: http://www.samsung.com/nl/products/tv/lcdtv/index.asp

digidandy - Samsung LE-40R71BX - first impressions
Samsung LE-40R71BX - first impressions - AVForums.com

UPDATE 14-04-06:

spoonjaffa said:
To round up:

-Dynamic contrast isnt an issue (it turns off in movie mode)

-Need to buy 32" version or above for latest panel technology (SPVA)

-Lots of R7x models but not too difficult to work out differences due to cosmetic/size/digital tuner

-M61 is very similar to the R7x however R7x is slightly better due to more colors.

-1 HDMI for the R7x

-2 HDMI for the later released M7x series

-also M7x is to have motion blur software where as R7x doesnt (to name another difference)

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Im assuming your tv is broken. Is it out of warranty? Im assuming it hasnt always been like that?

It has three and a half years. This started one year ago (after the warranty period), and is getting worse...

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