2005.2 VS Quintet VS ProCinema



Anyone heard all three speaker systems? The KEF 2005.2 , klipsch's Quintet and Definative tech's ProCinema 60/80/100? How do they differ? any opinions which i sould get?

Ian J

Originally posted by Stupidlammer
Anyone heard all three speaker systems?

Probably not.

The KEF 2005.2 are very popular in UK and there are quite a few threads here praising them.

Definitive Technology have never had a high profile in UK and now I am not even sure whether anyone currently imports them here. Having said that, I used to have the Pro Cinema 80 speakers with a 100 centre and thought a lot of them, eventually upgrading them to M&K at many times the cost.

Klipsch is another make that I don't think is sold in UK. If it is, the profile is so low as to be undetectable


hi stupidlammer

I have a set of def techs for sale in black 5 sats plus sub,I know everbody keeps harping on about the keff eggs and how good they are , the def techs are so much better I think Ian J would agree with this , the def techs look much nicer to and have had many exellent reviews.
I am asking £550 including p&p and they come with 24 months warranty, if your interested let me know.

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