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Hello all,

I am looking at purchasing a new speaker surround system and have three choices in mind:

Mission FS1
Kef Eggs 2005.2

I have a Pioneer VSX 812 AMP, and the aesthetics are important in the room, hence the slim builds of all speakers.

I have had a demo of the Kefs and they are good, and can be picked up for around £700. Problem is that they look a bit awkard in my room, and so the woman has ruled those out. The VM1s - I have a demo today, and they look good.

However the Mission FS1s look good, and are much cheaper. Has anyone any opinions/comparisions with the FS1s and VM1s (I appreciate the VM1s might be better, but there is around a 600 quid price difference - Richer do the Mission package for £250)?

I realise Kef 5005s could solve all my problems, and are better with music too......but they cost!

I'm running the Eggs from a Pioneer amp. They are great for movies and adequate for music, but I must admit I've gone back to using a dedicated pair of stereo speakers since I upgraded my CD player ... now I just need to upgrade my speakers :)

I didn't manage to find anything else in the price range which gave better music performance than the eggs. They do look odd at first, but I must admit I quickly became used to them & don't notice them now.
I also looked and listened to the VM1's and the KHT2005.2's, and was also under the same 'outside influences' that you are. In the end I went for Monitor Audio Radius R90's with an M J Acoustics Reference 100 sub. Admittedly, this package is about £1000 and may be out of your consideration.

I wanted speakers that are good with both music AND home cinema, but also blend in well with the rest of the living room - and I am convinced that I've chosen well. It was a close call on musical ability between the VM1's and the R90's, but the latter won on looks and build. Am so glad now that I never went for the VM1's now that the system is all set up.

The last time I bought speakers was several years ago, and as has been pointed out, you will hopefully live with them day to day for several years.
Originally posted by engaged
as has been pointed out, you will hopefully live with them day to day for several years.

Not if you hang around the forum too much as the upgrade bug will bite :D
what ever happens avoid Mission FS1

unless buget is of highest priority.. You will want to change them very soon as they sound like computer speakers (waste of £250)....

VM1 are v.good....

Kef eggs are good but you say this isn't an option so fair enough...

why not try the infinity oreus can probably be picked up for 550-600 ish and to my ears was very similar to kef eggs.

If you do decide to up the budget then yes 5005s gets my vote....
Well, thanks........the 5005 certainly look cool.......I guess I need a demo - but I think I know what will happen if I hear them!!

Has any got a set, or heard a demo?
Jim, I bought the Kef 5005 and will connect them to my AX5i by next week.

I bought the 5005 for 1K which is a good price.


where did you get them from - I can see them at sevenoaks for £1100, but no cheaper?
Yes, this is where I got them from for £999 - but I just checked there website and they are now listing them at £1200

It seems someone at Kef told them off!!

what is a reasonable discount to haggle for in store with someone like Sevenoaks?

I know speakers are one of the only products that retailers still make fortunes on, with around 45% markup....

Anyone got dimensions of bottom of 5005 floor stand, and does floor stand come with speaker package?
I just had demo comparing 5005s with VM1s. 5005 do sound really good and look really good. they are on offer from £1200 to £1100 but wont dip on price from there, but will stick in the rest of the speaker cable I need and sub cable, totalling £75.

I have to have a think now!
Way up the price difference between the two speaker packages and make your own mind up which package offers the best value for money.
Glad we all could help in some small way

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