2001 Arcam AVR200-Get it mended or buy an Onkyo?


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Hi everyone
Busting for some advice on this, hope some of you can offer some sound advice.

I have a faulty Arcam Diva AVR200, bought back in 2001. The issue is that I have a faulty front left speaker and possible subwoofer connection.
I've been told (although haven't found out from Arcam directly) that repairing this receiver could be around the £200 mark.

I use my receiver for mostly hi-def movies/ps3 and 15-20% for CD playback.

So, the question is: do I spend out and get the AVR200 repaired or buy something like the Onkyo TX-SR605 for £399 (and get Dolby HD)? Bearing in mind my receiver was £800 in 2001, is there still a considerable distance in performance or do you now get far more bang for your buck with an Onkyo for half that price?

Your responses are really appreciated.

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