2000W speakers?



Ok, so my friend thinks he has 2000W speakers in his bedroom? Is that possible?


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What system has be bought?

some manufacturers love telling you the PMPO value over the RMS value ;)


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PMPO also has no set multiplier, so anything is possible on paper :rotfl:

2000w may well be about 10 watts RMS :D


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technically quite easily possible.........however more likely he has used exagerated figures from the manufacturer....

in my room i have

fronts 150watts x 2 = 300 watts
hifi fronts 100 watts x 2 = 200 watts
centre 100 watts x 1 = 100 watts
sides 100 watts x 2 = 200 watts
m/c/a sides 100 watts x 2 = 200 watts
rears 100watts x 2 = 200 watts
sub 500 watts x 1 = 500 watts

so i have 1,700 watts of speaker power handling rating......wooohoo...heh

however, when it comes to actual power output to drive them, driving them all my AV amp probably only manages to output a total of 400watts and my stereo amp 500watts total, oh plus sub of 500watts (guesing its able to do close to that? cant remember what consumption is on it now, say take of 100 watts to play safe) so 400 watts on sub, so thats 1,300 actual output capability.....

doesnt mean a lot tho if it sounds poo....lol.....he might just have a couple of big PA type club speakers which can go rather loud but lack quality.....my system can manage pretty good volumes (havnt tested properly but i did just my stereo speakers, no sub, and managed almost 90db and i reckon i could have gone louder...just not willing to risk it...lol).....and still sound fantastic :)


I saw the 'specs' basically, yes, the PMPO is 1980W. It is 4.1 surround sound, the 4 satallites with 10W each and the subwoofer with 24W. Obviosly that doesn't acutally add up to 1980W, so what does the 1980W actually mean?

Ian J

PMPO is a "measurement" invented by chain stores to make music systems sound more exciting than they really are.

The only power measurement that means anything useful is the RMS output with all channels driven


then not only that but you also have to take into account the efficiency/output of the speakers, (efficiency isnt exactly the right word, but you get my meaning, hopefully) which usually range between 89db @ 1 watt @ 1 meter to about 95db @ 1 watt @ 1 meter.
* ramble ramble ramble, i'm just rambling now - wanders off and rambles some more*


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I think you should take him for a dem of some SET valve amps running into some horns. When 8 watts/channel can blow you into the back of the room, you know you're getting there.


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You are right. In my youth, err; I mean nearer fifty than forty years ago, I took a ten watt valve amp and a single 12" loudspeaker mounted in a large box to the village hall to celebrate someone's 21st birthday. One of those new fangled disco thingies. It didn't take long for the boys in blue to turn up and warn us about disturbing half the town.

Now I have 900 watts in my living room and if it was any less it wouldn't be enough.

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