200 Watt Speakers with 500 Watt Amp?


*Output Power: RMS 75 WattsX2CH.(at 14.4V DC) .
I'm not sure where the 500W comes into it :confused:
It's probably PMPO, which is totally meaningless.

Whatever, it's better to have too much power than not enough.
I guess that should be ok, as long as you don't thrash it.


Power-DC 12V.5A
Is even more of a concern, when you think about decimal points.
You'd assume it's 5A, which equates to 60W total.


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This is from MarcMart.com -

* Output Power: RMS 75 WattsX2CH.(at 14.4V DC) Loading in 4 Ohm Speaker.

Notice the power is rated to 4 ohms, which means the true power to a standard 8 ohm load is about 35w/ch to 40w/ch.

I might also be inclined to question the 200w power rating on the speakers as well. But, none the less, I think you will be fine with this amp and speaker combination. Any amp can damage any speaker, it the 'idiot' running the volume control doesn't stay within reasonable limits.

Just one man's opinion.


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