For Sale 20+ PC games Just pay the postage

Discussion in 'Archived Classifieds' started by ocelot20, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I am having a little clear out found a load of PC games. I was just going to bin them. But I thought someone might make use of them all. If no interest by Monday morning I will take them to a charity shop.

    I can't list them all as there all in different boxes. But here are the few that are in a pile next to me.

    Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe
    Conflict Desert Storm
    Magician Lair
    Serious Sam
    Codename Outbreak
    Hostile Waters
    Warpath Turning Point
    Kingdom Life of Ctime
    Spec Ops
    Shogun Total War
    Gunman (think this is a Half Life spin off or something)
    Delta Force 2

    There is a few more as well. One is without its cover I think it is called Black and White or something along them lines.

    I rather send these off all in one big box. So I think courier is the best option. I think Hermes is the cheapest courier at £6.

    So you can send me £6 via PPG and ill book it. Or you can book your own courier or you can come and collect am not bothered.

    I can take a picture of them all on request. All seem to be boxed.

    Location: Liverpool
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