20" LCD required....any ideas?


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Evenin all - I'm looking to buy a small LCD to place in the conservatory...
Looking to spend approx £400 (including the wall bracket).
The other 'given' is that i want it to have Freeview on-board.
I've seen some £350 Wharfdale units in the Argos book but haven't seen them in the flesh...
Are they any good ? Any other sets that people can point to ?
I'm **not** fussed about widescreen (16;9) ratio, HD ready or extra connectivity (although one Scart would be handy).
From the searching I have done it appears that on-board Freeview is the big sticking point...but thats just an observation.
Anyone ? Thanks in advance.


You're in luck - I've been checking out small LCDs for my kitchen!

Don't touch the Wharfedale or LGs with a bargepole.

You can get:

JVC LT20DA6 (note this has a reflective screen, which you may not want, otherwise is excellent)
Toshiba 20WLT56 (suspect looks of the frame, but there's no accounting for taste and good PQ)
Sharp LC20SD4E (4:3 and dodgy viewing angles)
Sony KDL20S2020U (the best, but over your budget at £450)

Any can take a wall bracket for just a few quid.

I'd personally get the Sony if funds allowed. If not, then the JVC.
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