20.1" Blu-ray 4gb ram 600gb Laptop $7,175!!


Look at this bad boy

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/17/microworkss-vega-super-notebook-tops-out-at-over-7-000/

MicroWorks's Vega super notebook tops out at over $7,000

Although it's a re-brand of another 20.1-inch laptop design, and it certainly isn't the "first dual core, SLI capable notebook in the world" as its maker PC MicroWorks claims, the step up in specifications that the new Vega laptop brings to the -- hopefully fortified -- table is quite impressive. When it's maxed-out, the Vega packs a dual core AMD Turion X2 processor, 20.1-inch 1,680 x 1,050 display, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 600GB of storage, a dual layer Blu-Ray burner, and dual nVIDIA GeForce GO 7950GTX graphics cards running in SLI mode. Tack on options like EV-DO, GPS, and a TV tuner and you're looking at a desktop replacement to rule all others: until the Vega Mk.2 comes out, that is. The only drag, as always, is the price. For the above configuration you'll have to pay $7,175, or commit yourself and your family to a life of crime. We have a feeling your spouse won't be OK with that, so you'd better mark this one down on your "to do: if I win the lottery" list.


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Wonder what the battery life is....

Paul Mela

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For a 20.1" display the res is a bit low
Just got hold of one of these, HP Laptop with Core2duo 1.83ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 512MB Geforce Go 7600, Built in Camera, Express Card Freeview Tuner, anyway also has a HD-DVD Drive which also writes to DVD-RW, Laptop has HDMI Out, so connected it to 37" Dell and selected native resolution of 1360*768 and it looks amazing.., audio and video through one cable, HD-DVD's look great, much better than watching blu-ray on 1080P screen...

Watched this week Superman on Blue-Ray from PS3 connected to 50-60inch 1080P Panel.., very grainy..., but watching the Bourne Supremicy from this laptop on the 37"Dell at 1360*768 beats the PS3 setup any day..., Laptop is also very quiet.., and browsing the Internet is great, sure the pixels are bigger than a regular PC monitor but 1 to 1 pixel mapping with no overscan is what you get in return..., very easy set up, since it's a digital connection no need to fiddle with displau adjustments...


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