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2 year old Philips 32 CRT tube gone already!


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My Father-in-law bought a 32 inch Pixel Plus Philips CRT in November 2003. (1 year warranty). Over the past couple of months the picture hasn't been great - an intermittent then constant pink hue. He took it for repair last week and has been told the tube is going. The repairman said this was very unusual for a set of this age and that Philips had agreed to cover half the cost leaving him to pay about €380 (living in Dublin).

Should he try to get them to cover the whole cost or accept the above offer? On the one hand Philips don't have to pay out at all as the set is out of warranty on the other by offering to pay half they're admitting that the tube is defective.

Any advice/opinions greatly appreciated.



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I just bought the 32pw9509 2 weeks ago and along with the paperwork came a leaflet inviting me to purchase a 5 year guarantee directly from Philips for £69 to cover the cost of a replacement tube in the future if needed. At first I was in 2 minds if whether I should purchase this but after reading your circumstances I'm going to write out a cheque and put it in the post tommorow :smashin:


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I think he would have rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

One could reasonably expect that a CRT should last more than 2 years - It was probably defective when it left the factory and the set is therefore of unmerchantable quality.

Your Father-in-Law should stick to his guns and demand free repair or replacement. A written report from the TV engineer stating the defect would stand him in good stead, as well as a phone call to the local Trading Standards office for advice.


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Thanks for the help.

Actually it turns out that Philips will pay for the tube after all as it's less than 2 years old (my mother in-law told them it was over 2 years old!) Labour - €160 - is not covered though.


Well, I'm amazed that you accept paying anything.

I don't know about Irish law, but in the UK, we have


You would be covered for 6 years in taking a claim out against the supplier, ie shop, for selling you something that is clearly unfit for purpose.

You pay out 10% roughly of the amount you're claiming. This is re-imbursed by the loser of the case and no solicitor's fees are allowed.

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