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I may have to buy another Xbox, one for upstairs and one to use downstairs, the question is with this new cloud system am I right in thinking I won't have to move my hard drive to the other Xbox every time I want to play a game, I just log in with my account and it will have my saved position? Or am I totally wrong?


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No, I think that's right. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but you can enable the cloud, copy or move your save games to the cloud, or save directly to the cloud, just as you would a memory stick, and then when you log into the other console, you can play straight from the cloud.


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You will need to enable cloud saving and copy any of your current saves to the cloud before it will work as you say. It doesn't automatically upload all your saves. Also you only have limited space on the cloud. I know there wasn't enough room for me to upload all my save games. I had to pick and choose.


Good explanation in above post.
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The way i see it os you only really need you latest save for a game in the cloud not every one so 512mb should be ok as long as you overwrite saves and not create 60 in skyrim!


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They also have a new roaming profile feature which means you don't need to recover your gamertag. A gamertag can now exist on multiple consoles at the same time

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Please bear with me for a possibly dumb question, I was thinking of a 2nd X-Box for the bedroom for it's media ability and occasional gaming, would I be able to game on the main unit downstairs whilst my wife watched 4 OD for example and would 1 gold membership cover both machines or would I need to set up a separate Gamertag for the upstairs machine and a 2nd gold subscription?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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One Gold membership works for one gamertag only, and I don't believe you can be logged on on two machines at the same time. Setting up a new gamertag is obviously easy, but you would need to then buy a new subscription for the second tag.

I wonder if a Family Gold membership might be a cheaper option? That would cover both tags. Not sure about that so it might be worth a look.

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