2 Xboxes and Netgear RP614v4 router


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I have the above and a virgin 10mb connection and a gigabit netgear switch.

Basically it's the old problem of trying to get two xboxes on to xbox live.
Port forwarding only works for one box, tried putting the other in the DMZ this didn't work.
Upnp doesn't work.

I the answer is probably a new router - I don't mind buying one as I wanted o do away with my seperate wireless access point. So does anyone know a suitable wireless router (n) that will support 2 xboxes?

This d-link caught me eye

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300Mbps wireless Cable Router - 4 Port 10/100 Switch & Xbox Live® service compatibility: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


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the link you provided look ok. Also i read customer feedback on the amazon page you provided and one happy customer has said the following:

i had seen a few mixed reviews on this router but decided to give it a go as i have never had a problem with any D-link product before,and i was not let down.This is the best cable router i have used to date,with the kids both playing COD online on the x-box360 and ps3 no lag nice fast speed.

so if i am correct you will not have problem running two xbox on live. but i wait for someone with more knowldge then me to answer this post Because i might be wrong.


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Yeah I noticed they mentioned 2 consoles but one was a PS3, 2 xboxes is a lightly difference scenario as they are both using the same ports.
The feedback does appear to be positive in general though.
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