2 x BT Humax DT4000 Boxes

El Barto

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Bought 2 boxes last year 2nd hand, both boxes stopped working, 1st box had to do a factory reset and lose recordings to re-activate (used the push down then power button on the box to fix)

Sorted this around 2 weeks ago, 1st box has been fine since (touch wood)

2nd box automatically came up with the maintenance menu a few (with the 5 options)
Managed to use the USB Recovery delete recordings to get it working again, however this only lasted till the next day (this has happened the past 3 nights i've sorted)

Will I need to replace the HDD or is there another option?

It seems coincidental that since Youview have changed the frontend recently that both boxes have fell over within a few weeks of each other


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It's very likely to be the hard drive.
I ended up replacing the drive on mine a few weeks ago. It would sometimes run a few months, but eventually end up back at the maintenance mode boot screen. It generally ended up deleting all recordings too, no matter which option I chose.
The box has been running fine with the new drive so far, touch wood it's fixed.
I went with a smaller capacity drive as it was cheaper, and I'll never use the space anyway.


Cheers how did you get the image file onto the new hdd?
So long as you have a compatible drive it will format it correctly itself - force it into maintenance mode and any option should get it up and running.
This page helped quite a bit with the procedure, albeit for an older model.
I replaced with a Western Digital AV-25 500GB for about £30.

El Barto

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Cheers, read that page last night and ordered a compatible HDD for £22.95
Thanks for all your help


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I recently put a new 500 GB AV hard drive into a T4000 box. It worked fine for a week and then suddenly the box died. There are no lights on the box at all. I took it apart and disconnected the the fan from the main board in case perhaps it had gone faulty and was trying to draw too much power. The box then powered up fine and I was able to use it for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, the next morning all of the lights were off on the box again and no matter how many times I unplug, plug back in and turn on at the power switch at the back of the box, there are no lights coming up on the box at all.

The last thing I can think of trying it an alternate power supply cable. If that doesn't work then I can only think that there is a power issue with something inside the box which is beyond my ability to fix.

Having had a browse the other day, if I decided to get a new PVR I think I would go for the Manhattan T3-R.

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