2 x 42" LCD Horizontal Flickering


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This is my first post and hopefully someone can help me find the solution.

We have two 42" LCD Screens connected to a VGA Amplifier (see link to product) to a PC and we are getting horizontal flickering on both screens.

I have tested the following:

Each screen direct into PC via long vga cable = fine
One screen connected to VGA Amplifier = fine
Tried different PC's and Laptop on single screen = fine

The problem only occurs when both are connected into the VGA Amplifier.

I have tried changing the refresh rates on the PC but this has made no difference.

Any ideas? Or have I purchased the wrong amplifier - unfortunately due to cost we were limited to going with VGA.

Thanks in advance.



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How far apart are the screens? Where do they get their mains from? If possible try plugging them both into the same mains supply to see if that helps. If it does you may need something to isolate the earths.




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One is on a 25m VGA Cable and the other on a 15m VGA Cable and are on separate floors in the office.

So they should be on the same mains supply - however I may take one off the wall and put it onto the same double socket as the other screen to test that.

Will give you an update tomorrow!


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