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2 wireless routers?


i need some help and a dummies guide to connecting 2 wireless netgear routers. can someone please spare some time to help me out here. it's driving me nuts

the routers talk to each other and i can use all the ports on each router but i've totally lost my wireless :mad:

both router are netgear WGR614 v9


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You need to say why you need to connect them? In other words, what are you trying to achieve?

The next bit may be akin to grandmothers and eggs but: Routers are devices for routing between networks. For example domestic routers are commonly used for routing between an ISP's network (WAN) to a subscriber's Local Are Network (LAN). Using more than one router in a domestic environment just causes unnecessary extra complexity.


hi, thanks for replying,

what i want to do is have wireless both upstairs and downstairs. i also need 7 or 8 ports to connect wired equipment too.
i have 2 wrg614 v9 routers and i want to connect them (with a wire) and have them both sending out wireless. one to cover upstairs and one for down stairs.


i'm getting there slowly. i now have both routers working, i can use all the ports, yippee! :thumbsup:

wireless now works from the router upstairs but doesn't appear to be working from the downstairs one :(

any suggestions?

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