2 VGA outputs from 1 card!


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Hi all :hiya:

I have just returned my Beko 20" LCD TV as I wasn't totally happy with the picture - it was OK, but just - OK!!

I've swapped it for a higher resolution Wharfedale LCD2010A and it's a lot better and I'm a lot happier with that - especially the picture from the TV out from my PC for watching films off the hard drive :smashin:

It also has a PC input which I'm looking to use for an even better picture as it will support PC feeds up to 1024x768.

At the moment, I've got an ATI 64ddr VIVO that only has 1 vga output. Are there any adapters that can easily and quickly split a single output to a dual, or is it a new graphics card jobby?

As I don't play games on my PC, a basic card does me fine. I can get a 32mb Matrox Millenium G450/550 with dual VGA outputs for 15-quid or so off eBay if I had to, but if there are adapters available, that would be the easier option.

thanks for any help....


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Thanks for the quick reply EDDS

Do you know how do these work?

Do you have to the same res on both displays, or is there an option to switch displays? ( I suspect not). I'm running at 1152x864 at the moment on my 19" CRT monitor, if the answer to the previous question is NO, that means I'll have to have the display set to the max the LCD will take all the time does it? (ie. 1024x768!!)

Thx again

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