2 switches on one network?


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My house is now partially wired with cat5. I've got a BT router under the stairs, and a Time Capsule connected to one ethernet port. This provides my wireless network.

From another ethernet port on the BT router, a cable runs into the loft to a gigabit switch. From here, cables run to various rooms.

In the living room, I've currently got one ethernet cable connected to my Denon AV amp, for Airplay. I'd like to connect my PVR and media box to the network, but I can't easily lay in 2 more cables back to the main switch in the loft, without some major surgery.

Presumably I can add another switch to the single cable in the living room, then plug the 3 devices into the switch?
If I use an old 10/100 switch that I just found in the loft, will that slow down the rest of the network, or just the 3 devices directly connected to the switch (and that port on the gigabit switch)?

I'm pretty sure that the rest of the network will still run OK, just that "branch" will be restricted.


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Thanks for confirming that.

I think I'll try it, then move the 8-port switch down from the loft in the near future, and replace it with a 16-port switch.
I've only lived in this house for a short time, and I plan on replacing my temporary network with proper structured cabling as I decorate each room. 8 ports on the main switch won't be enough.

We should be getting fibre in the village early next year. When that arrives, internet streaming will be viable at last, and I'll need a better network to take full advantage of it.
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