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I have been meaning to re-run Audyssey for a while now that I have the app.
Before I do so, please can you advise me?

I have an old Velodyne VX10 subwoofer and a newer Canton 10.2 subwoofer.

They are both forward firing.

Currently, I have the Velodyne under the centre speaker (the centre is on a stand that doesn't touch the sub, and the Canton is behind my sofa so as to fill the base of my surround wall-mounted speakers which are Tannoy Revolution DC4 (small speakers that only go down to 100Hz if lucky).

So before calibrating, where should the subs go given my speaker set up which is:
Floor standing fronts
Big bookshelf sides
Big centre
small rears
4 ceiling mounted cubes

It's a 7.2.4 Atmos setup.


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That is a very open question. Every room is totally different, even two rooms that are the same dimensions will have different characteristics.

Play about with what seems best to you, but in theory, either two stacked subs or one in the front corner and one in the rear opposite corner should give you the best results.

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