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hi people

this may sound like a strange question or should i even say stupid but ive got a set of mission m73`s and in the near future i should be upgrading and, the pack of speakers im kooking at from mission come with a set of m72`s for the front so what i was going to do is sit them on top 73`s and run them of there terminals so they run in parallel and i dont have to run a seperate cable. Reading the post about ohms it sounds poss but i dont know how the load works out or if its safe

any help would be great

Question: why do you want to do that?

You can wire in series (both speakers 4 Ohm) or parallel (both speakers 8 Ohm), the latter recommended where possible.
the reason for wanting to do this is as i said the pack im after comes with another set of fronts, and in my small room i will be sitting quite close to the rears so i thought tone down the rears ad a little more to the front as it also gets used alot for music and then also considering a heavy duty sub and dont want to have to town that down cos the fronts carnt keep up

but i didnt want to have to run a another cable for m72s, so if i put 2 of them parallel on each channel the load will be 16ohms? and that will be the same as using AB chanel feature and still be safe?

just one quick one, using a m72 and m73 on left and right, how will that afect the power of the front output, being 16 ohms that would be easy for the amp to drive but is the power split betreen the two? both speakers are 8 ohm

Using 2 sets of speakers on the front channel will put a strain on your amp and will sound odd too, especially with music. The M73's are more than capable of keeping up with a sub. Set the 73's to 80 Hz cutoff and let the sub handle the lowend.
Adding more speakers in front will muddle the sound. As for the rears, don't try to compensate by upping the power/volume in front with more speakers, instead adjust the output to each speaker using your cinema amps settings (large in front and small behind you). You can also adjust delays etc if your amp has such a facility.

Loading the front of your room with extra speakers will just sound overbearing in your small room. Go for a good 5.1 setup with a decent amp & sub and you can't go wrong & remember that 7.1 is designed for more speakers at the rear, not 2 more stacked in front. Good luck.
Thanks mate, ive been thinking about diffrent ideas all day for setting 5.1 in my room and just about talked my self out of the extra speaker, i just needed some good advice to clinch it so i can save myself a few more quid

just which reciever to chosse now...uummm??

thanks again
but i didnt want to have to run a another cable for m72s, so if i put 2 of them parallel on each channel the load will be 16ohms?

It will give 4 Ohm. When connecting in series you get 16 Ohms.

Still I don't see the point. I understand your intention but I don't think it makes any sense. Technically it can be done however, even the load to the amp will increase due to the lower resistance.

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