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I asked a question in an earlier thread about a soundcard that can support multiple line ins. I was given the name of a card but find it damn near impossible to locate.

A local computer retailer told me of a HCPC that one of his collegues MAY have built using 2 sound cards to ovvercome the multiple sound source problems. But he wasnt completely sure and the supposed builder is off for another week.

So my question is this...
Is it possible to run a pc with 2 soundcards in it, both with their own sound inputs from different sources but only 1 card outputting to the speakers.

All help is appreciated on this coz its a royal pain in the arse trying to get behind the tv to change oer the input cables evvery so often. Kinda worried im gonna get electrocuted in the end

Cheers guys and gals


I used to run two Turtle Beach Montegos in a DJ'ing pc - no prbs whatsoever...


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I am running a SoundBlaster 5.1 player and a Pro card (WamiRack 2496) in the same PC without any probs. I've read articles by people who've run 4 cards (all different manufacturers) in the same PC, so it shouldn't be a problem.



hey guys what can i say


next question

is it possible to record off both inputs at once or am i going too far here

cheers again guys

by the way one line in would be tv audio and one would be radio aduio from a midi system

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