2 sets of speakers to an integrated Amp in an L shaped living room


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I am setting up a stereo system in our L shaped lounge and am looking for advice. The room is around 7m x 7m on the longest outside section and when we moved in the speaker wire is already built into the skirting board. I mostly listen to music through streaming Spotify/Amazon

I currently have a set of Q Acoustic 3030i's and am looking for another set of speakers and an appropriate amp to power these.

The other speakers I am looking at our bookshelf/standmounted either the LS50's or the B&W 606 S2's

The difficulty I am having is that if I am double wiring the left with one of each speaker and the same with the right, then this would take it above most Amp's Ohm rating of 8,

The amps I am looking at range from the Marantz 6007, Audiolab 6000a cambridge audio cxa61, rega elex r

The question I have, is it worth going with the amp and double speakers, or would it be better to ditch the 3030i's and go with LS50 wireless?

I'm just starting out on this so all views are welcomed


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Buy a speaker switch inclusive of impedance balancing:

I'd tend to suggest you not play all 4 speakers simultaneously anyway. You'd not get the ideal stereo soundstage from either pair of speakers if portraying the same source from all 4 of them at the same time. If in another room themn maybe, but not in the same space even if the room is L shaped. AS such, I'd suggest you only really use one pair of speakers at any one trime as opposed to power all 4 of them simultaneously.
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Ok, so you would advise just one set of speakers for the room configuration rather than trying to have multiple sets.

Would an AV amp potentially work better?


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You could have 2 pairs to be able to portray stereo in both sections of the room, but I'd suggest you only use one pair at any one time as opposed to using all speakers 4 simulataniouly. If having a party then yes, you could use all 4 because stereo soundstaging isn't going to be as important during such occassions.

I'd suggest using a stereo integrated amp as opposed to an AV receiver if your preference is the portrayal of stereo music sources.

Using an AV receiver wouldn't negate the fact you'd be portraying two stereo soundstages in the same space.


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Thanks Dante,

Woupd you consider the powered speakers like the kef ls50 wireless?

Yes, the KEF LS50 Wireless and Wireless II are wireless, but remember that the amp you'd be using will require the ability to actually send them audio wirelessly. Thry do not trchnically need the amp to drive them.

The fact of the matter is that they are more a standalone solution than something you'd need to stream audio to.

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