2 sat/recievers to 1 vcr,cannot get this working????


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just bought panny 830, i wish to be able to record of both sky digibox and another non sky sat reciever, set digibox to pal/scart (on) have scart switching box a+b in/out socket, have scart in/out going to 830 sat/decoder av2 input, d/box scart to (b) sat reciever going to (a) i set switch box to (a) autotune 830 channels 1-5 ok chan 6 is sat reciever ok, setswitching box to (b) position (skydigibox) and try autotune or manually try to tune channel (7 on 830) to recieve sky, but cannot get this to work , scart leads are 21 all pins connected all ok, checked switchbox a+b (swopping scart aor b around both work ok, any ideas anyone please thank you


If you have both STB's connected via scart why are you trying to tune them in to the RF channels?

Have you got one connected via the RF to the VCR and the other is not?

At a guess I would say one is connected via the RF as well as scart, as you were able to tune it in to the RF channels and store it on ch6, if the second STB isn't connected via the RF try looking on the VCR's AV channels, make sure the TV is on the AV channel for the VCR when looking.


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thanks for reply 1 sat reciever is connected with both rf and scart, tried using digibox vcr scart out to panny vcr av2 in only ,but panny will not detect sky???? got round problem by connecting digibox to av1, i then select external on remote this enables me to record of sky (using manual record) not perfect but i do not now need to use a+b switch box, just use chan 6 for other sat recording,

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